For our first day back all together we celebrated World Book Day and even received a teddy bear each to cherish.

For more photo’s from our day take a look at our World Book Day with Bears Page.


Mrs Finlay’s Overview

We had moved our World Book Day celebrations to coincide with all children returning to school and the bears formed part of these celebrations. EYFS children re-read one of their favourite books We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and then they went on their very own bear hunt in our outdoor area. We found a treasure chest full of bears all named for each child. The older children incorporated their bears into their booktimes during the day- reading to them, listening to stories with them and even creating stories with them.


Mrs Mitchell’s Overview

The children came in and found the bears on their chairs. They were curious about where the bears had come from and could they keep the bears. All of the children were very grateful for the bears and couldn’t wait to cuddle them and include them in their work during the day. Throughout the day they named their bears and made clothes and accessories for them. As part of our World Book Day, we had several stops and read sessions. The children were very excited to stop what they were doing, find a comfortable place and sit and read a book. All of the children enjoyed taking their bears with them to listen to the stories. The bears joined in with all of our activities throughout the day. Lots of the children took their bears outside during playtimes and were incorporating their bears into their games. When playing hide and seek they would find a hiding place for the bear then find a separate hiding place for themselves. The children finished the day off by discussing what activities they were going to share with their bears at home. The children couldn’t wait to take their bears home and tell their parents about them and all of the fun they had throughout the day.


Miss Scott’s overview

For world book day we brought in our favourite books and shared them with the class, we created interviews of questions we would like to ask the authors, we made diary entries for our favourite characters, wrote a character factfile, created a wordsearch based on key words from our books and we designed a new front cover for our books. We loved our bears and gave them lots of lovely names! We have taken them home to keep forever and we will be basing some of our writing on them over the next few week.

We all had a lovely day and the everyone will cherish their new teddy bears.

We made it to the paper – read the article here!