PE and Sport Premium

Physical Education

‘The sports funding is spent wisely to promote pupils’ good health and well-being. External providers come into the school to deliver sporting activities and pupils now take part in more competitive sports. They have also passed on their expertise to teaching staff who, as a result, confidently run after-school clubs, such as cheerleading’ (OFSTED)

Arlecdon Primary School Sports Premium Funding 2022-2023

Our PE Curriculum allows us to develop our pupils’ knowledge and skills in variety of ways:

  • Team work
  • Resilience and perseverance
  • Success and failure
  • Sportsmanship
  • Risk taking
  • Self-awareness
  • Health-awareness
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Co-ordination
  • Knowledge of the rules and skills for particular sports

Moreover we believe that high quality PE lessons can support a life-long love of sport and we have close links with local clubs, encouraging our pupils to continue with sport out of school. Our timetable includes a weekly session with a qualified coach and we also have coaches into school through-out the year to teach additional sessions prior to an event or competition. Sports Premium funding is also used to fund coaching in short blocks. For example to teach archery.

As a school, our pupils enjoy a ten week block of swimming from Year 1, every year through to Year 4, able swimmers are then given advanced swimming classes in Year 5 and 6. This allows for skills to develop with maturity and for the refinement of strokes. As our school is in an area which contains a great deal of water- both the sea and rivers and streams, we believe it essential that our children have confidence in water and be able to perform self-rescue should the need arise.

Our yearly sports day is the highlight of a yearly calendar of sporting events which include competitions, showcase events and coaching. At sports day, all pupils are expected to take part in athletics events and families are invited to show support.

Sports Funding

The school receives a sports premium each year.  The intention of this financial impact is to improve the provision of sport and to encourage a long-lasting love of sport which supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle. This is co-ordinated by Miss Jolliffe who is accountable to Ofsted and the Local Governing Board to ensure outcomes for current pupils and a lasting legacy for the school.